Aknavärvide komplekt - "Kids World"
  • Aknavärvide komplekt - "Kids World"
  • Aknavärvide komplekt - "Kids World"
  • Aknavärvide komplekt - "Kids World"
  • Aknavärvide komplekt - "Kids World"

A set of window colors - "Kids World"

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The kit includes:

- 4 window colors (red, yellow, green, blue)
- 1 Black contour color
- Page with stencils
- plastic tray

Manufacturer: Rayher, Germany

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Window colors are translucent and portable. Rayher Kids Klub paints can be used to draw beautiful shapes on the window, mirror, porcelain, ceramics and other smooth surfaces. You can use the included stencils for drawing or use your imagination. Using the product is a breeze. Apply the paint directly from the tube to the supplied plastic base. The base can be fixed with pictures on top of the sheet, which allows you to draw according to the picture. Let the paints dry and they will become transparent and bright. The created images can be removed and pasted on again. Rayher colors are water-based and suitable from the age of 5. Window colours offer an exciting change for every child, as the images can be reused on several surfaces.

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