OÜ Reklin is a company that operates in the field of entertainment, offering various services and solutions for organizing children's programs.

The company was established in early 2015, with the aim of providing individuals and legal entities with high-quality children's programs for a variety of events. We put together a program suitable for the client, carry out and help save valuable time.

The whole team of the company has been dealing with children and young people for many years and regularly trains themselves. Our services can be ordered to your home, playroom, kindergarten, fair, family day, etc. The main area of activity is Harju County, but by agreement we also go further afield, including in foreign countries.

We are characterized by active entertainers, a child-centred approach and flexibility, thoughtful and prepared activities, and trusting contact with all parties. At each event, the goal is the bright eyes of children, sufficiently challenging activities and forgetting about the feeling of boredom.

If desired, the party leader comes directly from the Segasumasuvila, Arendell Castle, the stormy sea or even the circus. There are versatile options for different characters.

If you want to organize a memorable party for children, be sure to contact us.